Cleaning Your Home

8 Dec

Cleaning Your Home

So, Today’s’ blog post will be about cleaning your home, or just cleaning in general.

When we think about the cleaning tools we need around the home to be able to thoroughly give our personal living space a good detox, what do you actually need? Lets take a look.

Cleaning Tools you may need:~

  • Vacuum Cleaner
  • All purpose detergent
  • Anti-bacterial detergent
  • Magic Erasers
  • Bleach
  • Mops
  • Steam Cleaner
  • Microfiber Cloths

These are some must needed tools you will most likely want, if you want to thoroughly clean your home, every single one of these items are crucial, to clean effectively and not have any issues, resulting in a breeze to get rid of the grime.

Vacuum Cleaners

Vacuum cleaners are vital when you’re wanting to clean your home, you literally can not live without one of these machines, regardless of which vacuum cleaner you have or buy, you CAN NOT have a clean home or MAINTAIN a clean environment without one and best of all, it’s speeds up the process of cleaning floors, dust and cob-webs in out of reach corners.

Using a Vacuum cleaner not only cleans the visible grime and dirt but most importantly, sucks up all of those dust and harmful micro-organisms that we can’t necessarily see with our eyes. More recently, most if not all vacuum cleaners are armed with Hepa Filters, these filters enable the vacuum cleaner to clean and pull out all of the dust that get stuck into carpets or most floors, these particles can get trapped inside of any fibers or even within the air around you, This will eventually cause allergic reactions and/or breathing difficulties for family who have low tolerances which is why owning a vacuum cleaner is one of the easiest ways to eliminate the chances of this.

All Purpose Detergents

All purpose cleaning solutions or APC for short, are simple solutions that clean surfaces of most kinds without degrading the surface, think of these cleaning products in the same way as lemon juice, vinegar, or bi-carbonate soda, these products are not really harmful to every day surfaces and they do achieve great results.

The main concept for APC’s is that you will want to start off by using these types of cleaning products first, if they don’t clean to the standard of your requirements then you can move on to the harsher cleaning solutions such as bleaches.

Anti-Bacterial Detergents

Anti-bacterial detergents are somewhat the same as ‘All purpose cleaners’ (abbreviated as: APC) however, Anti Bac cleaners contain purified alcohol which make them anti-bacterial, some APC’s are also Anti-bacterial too, but generally they are not and work by causing light chemical reactions on the surface in order to pull the dirt away from the surfaces.

Anti-Bacterial detergents tend to have the same type of cleaning power as an everyday APC but with the added sanitation benefit beyond the clean, we would want to use this type of cleaner where possible around the kitchen but when looking at fabrics or leathers, you’ll want to make sure the anti-bacterial element within the cleaning detergent will not erode the surface of what your cleaning over time, very important!

Magic Erasers

Magic erasers are an amazing tool, in basic terms of explaining these, they are like sponges for doing the dishes but on steroids. They are spongy to the touch and generally white in color but what’s amazing about these, is the fact you don’t need to use any types of detergent with them, it’s recommended to use water or warm water and if they don’t take out a stain, you can then move onto using the with detergents.

The magic erasers work by breaking away whilst you are scrubbing the surface, it is essentially a hi-definition sand paper but very subtle to surfaces, you will not damage your surfaces, but in terms of how it removes the dirt from a surface, the sponge breaks away on itself and uses itself to grab under any dirt on the surface to pull away, very clever.


Bleach does wonders at lifting stains and killing bacteria, bleach is very harsh to surfaces, especially for fabrics and can cause damage to them so it’s always best to do a spot check before using it thoroughly.

Surfaces that bleach does well on, is hard made-made surfaces, such as, marble, laminates, plastic coated and quartz, these types of surfaces will not get damaged while using bleach to clean them, however, take care if you are using bleach on all types of fabrics such as, clothes, carpet and fibrous materials.


When combining all or most of the above cleaning solutions, whether it’s bleach or APC or any Anti-Bacterial cleaning products, if you’re tackling dirty floor surfaces then you will need a MOP, we no longer live in the days where we would need to get on our hands and knees to give our floor a good clean, thank god! So we have the convenient thing called a mop.

Mops come in different sizes and heads, you can purchase microfiber mops or more harsher materials such as wool, each mop head achieves different results so be sure to research what mop head is best for your floor type.

Steam Cleaners

Steam cleaners are probably one of the best types of machines along side a vacuum cleaner, that doesn’t require anything other than natural water, the best thing about these machines is that it only uses the power of water (in steam) to lift up tough dirt and grime.

The benefit of using steam is that it is generally over 120 degree Celsius, which in essence kills bacteria without having to use any bleach or anti-bacterial solutions which is always a bonus and makes it less dangerous if you have children in your house-hold and secondly, you can amplify the effectiveness of a steam cleaner but adding solutions into your cleaning.

Cleaning is best tackled lightly first, then by moving onto harsher solutions/chemicals but if you work in this manner, you will be shocked at the dirt you can clean up without using more chemically based products!